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Sales Training for New Hires

April 17, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Sales Training

Sales training is important for all professional salespeople, despite their level of experience. The business world is constantly evolving, and being a good negotiator means adapting to trends, equipping oneself with the skills necessary to communicate with all generations and taking the time to learn. There is no finite point for salespeople to hit, because they will always deal with new customers and try to attract a wide variety of clientele. It’s important to always strive for better performance and attack the industry with fresh insight.

Focusing on new employees
Building a strong sales department means investing in all employees, especially the new hires. In order to start new team members off on the right foot, they need to know how to converse with prospects. There are necessary factors that come into play when presenting new products and services or conducting an inside sale. It can be hard to grasp the idea of successfully building relationships and selling something without actually coming off as a salesperson.

Forbes emphasized the importance of selling something with passion and insight. Most customers know there isn’t a perfect solution to their company’s problems and presenting a product or service as such may deter them, but if there is excitement and energy behind a pitch, it will be easier to win clients over. Getting new salespeople to realize this may be tough the first time around, but here are five tips to help make their transition into successful professional much smoother:

1. Encouraging initiative
Richard Branson said that teams can be a valuable asset to companies if they are allowed to develop and pursue their own ideas, especially at smaller companies. Letting people plan their own challenges and embracing a creative goal-driven atmosphere will show them that there is a culture of opportunity.

2. Emphasize details
Communicate guidelines so there is no confusion down the road and sales teams know how to operate within the company’s specific system. Inc. magazine says to educate new employees on the selling structure so as to better assist customers. This means teaching them the ordering process, shipping methods, delivery and other essential parts of selling products or services.

3. Mentoring
A company culture that embraces peer mentoring and learning from co-workers will see a significant improvement in the way the organization runs. Inc. magazine explained that mentoring will help new sales professionals work through their problems faster without getting discouraged and offer an outlet to turn to for help or suggestions.

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