Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Transform culture, increase productivity, and drive growth with exceptional internal and external customer service

Leverage our proven models and frameworks to seamlessly enhance communication, cooperation, and overall effectiveness at all touchpoints, both inside and outside the organization. Adapted from our popular Excellence in Customer Service workshop, this workshop is ideal for all employees. Equal attention is given to strengthening internal and external customer interactions and relationships. Participants gain the confidence and competence to influence action inside the organization, optimize the customer experience, and maximize customer lifetime value.

All Carew Customer Service programs are completely sales-integrated; they can be delivered in conjunction with other sales training programs or as a stand-alone workshop. Our proprietary models and straightforward frameworks allow client-specific customization while retaining the integrity of our proven content. Excellence in Customer Service is instructor-led and can be delivered live onsite, live virtually, or in blended sessions. Regardless of the delivery method, Carew facilitators create magic in the classroom by leveraging a variety of engaging learning strategies and modalities to educate, motivate and inspire. Participants receive highly relevant, immediately usable, and memorable training that profoundly impacts their skills, attitude, relationships, and success.

What You’ll Learn

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Building Customer Relationship

Learn a results-producing model for becoming truly customer-centric. Identify key “moments of truth” and how they impact overall customer perception and satisfaction. Recognize common needs, values, motivations, and buying orientations that affect the decision-making process; learn communication and relationship strategies for each to achieve desired outcomes.

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Influencing Customer Attitudes & Actions

Master a simple, defined, and repeatable communication process to fully understand customer needs, perspectives, and challenges. Develop critical listening skills and techniques to ensure understanding of the customer’s perspective and development of benefit-focused recommendations that satisfy their needs. Learn to handle objections in a way that overcomes resistance, diffuses anger, and uncovers additional opportunities. This proven model gets to the heart of customer needs while building trust, credibility, and rapport.

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Delivering Service Excellence

Build rapport by leveraging the communication model within the service excellence framework. Understand how voice, tone, attitude, and energy impact customer experience and how that experience drives customer behavior and receptivity to additional opportunities. Learn strategies and tactics to build customer confidence in your authentic concern and your ability to address their needs.

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Collaborative Problem-Solving for Positive Outcomes

Learn a disciplined and flexible model that uncovers often hidden, but very real, customer opportunities. Master a variety of questioning skills and techniques to spur collaborative problem solving and inspire new ideas. Apply our proven presentation model to skillfully share your recommendations, gain customer acceptance, and build customer confidence, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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Program Benefits

Increased revenue and profit
Increased productivity
Common language, process
Employee retention, growth
Increased customer loyalty/LTV

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Program Highlights

Client-specific customization
Proprietary process models
Videotaped skills practice
Energy, interaction, fun
Participant Certification

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Personalized Smart Room
Online LMS
Thought Leadership
Alumni Community Forums

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Who Should Attend

Customer Service Professionals
Sales Professionals
Sales Enablement
Marketing Professionals
Finance Professionals
Operations Professionals

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Delivery Options

Live Onsite Instructor-led
Live Virtual Instructor-led
Custom Onsite/Virtual Blend
Train-the-Trainer Certification

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Program Duration

Onsite: 2.0 days
Virtual: 1 wk. | Two 2.5 hr. sessions/day