Sales Trainer Certification

Certify members of your team to deliver award-winning Carew Customer Service, Leadership, and International Sales training.

Bring Carew training expertise in-house with our Trainer Certification program. Empower internal staff responsible for training and development to continually reinforce the concepts, techniques, and behaviors learned in our workshops and to quickly onboard new employees.

Carew’s Sales Trainer Certification program is robust and intense. We equip leaders with the skills, strategies, and hands-on experience required to become world-class Carew facilitators, whether they deliver training virtually or in person. Carew Trainer Certification is hailed as the gold standard in teaching high-impact, behavior-based training.

Carew Trainer Certification Includes:

sales training and certification

Instruction by Carew Master Facilitators

Whether delivered live onsite, live virtually, or in blended sessions, Carew Master Facilitators create magic in the classroom by leveraging a variety of engaging learning strategies and modalities to educate, motivate and inspire.

carew sales training and certification

Immersion in Course-specific Content and Materials

Participate in a course workshop to ensure total understanding of the program concepts and applications.

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Training Principles, Techniques, and Technology

Learn delivery mechanisms and methods for creating an engaging, results-focused, interactive experience both in person and virtually that is tailored to your organization.

Sales trainer certification

Skills Practice and Feedback

Deliver key elements of each learning module, with emphasis on pre-delivery planning, preparation, and style. Videotaping is used to provide high-quality feedback and guidance for improvement in a positive and helpful manner.

sales training and certification

Strategies for Successful Implementation

Develop a critical path for roll-out within your own organization and review coaching techniques to help imbed new behaviors and language into the culture and daily vernacular.

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Carew Master Facilitators are invested in your success and available at any time to answer questions, provide feedback, offer guidance, and serve as a sounding board.

Who Should Become a Carew-certified Trainer

Over 6,000 professionals responsible for elevating the performance of their teams have graduated from our demanding, inspiring, and wisdom-filled sales trainer certification program. It is a highlight career experience and has led to personal career progression as well as sustained performance improvement for professionals, teams, and organizations. Individuals from anywhere in the organization are welcome; participants are typically from the following disciplines:

Sales Management

Sales Enablement

Customer Service

Learning & Development

Organizational Development

Human Resources


Bring your experience and your passion for elevating individual and organization-wide performance. We’ll bring comprehensive trainer certification and proven training programs. Together we’ll help your sales, customer service, and leadership professionals become the standard by which all others are judged.