The Carew Philosophy

Create Value, Support Dramatic Bottom-Line Results, and Serve as a Strategic Asset to Our Customers Worldwide

We’re passionate about elevating sales as a professional career and raising the performance of sales professionals to the highest standard of excellence. The proven strategies and tactics taught in all Carew training programs reflect and build upon the foundational principles of positive relationshipsproductive communicationsimplicity, and excellence.

We craft in-depth, holistic training and reinforcement programs that address professional skills, communication, and attitude. We equip salespeople to consistently exceed customer expectations by combining technical skills with the soft skills necessary to build relationships, encourage productive conversation, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Buyers have an abundance of information at their fingertips and are often deep into their buying journey before reaching out to a seller. The best sales professionals serve as trusted advisors who get to the heart of customer needs, help them sort through what they’ve read, seen, and heard, objectively assess their options, and, together, achieve better outcomes. As a result, common ground is expanded. Confidence is inspired. Trust is built. Relationships deepen. And a new dimension of professionalism is achieved.

Positive relationships are the cornerstone of professionalism, productivity, and success

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Positive relationships are earned by authentically relating to customers as individuals and skillfully identifying and presenting solutions on a regular and consistent basis. They are grounded in professional performance and are mutually satisfying and reciprocally profitable.

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Developing and nurturing strong relationships is particularly important given the prevalence of remote/hybrid work models and the shift to digital-first buyer journeys. The good news is the same tools that make online research and remote work possible also provide salespeople with additional customer touchpoints and the potential for more frequent and varied interactions above and beyond in-person meetings. Leveraging the right mix of communication tools and channels to help customers achieve better outcomes strengthens relationships, builds trust, and leads to preferred position.

Productive communication is at the heart of positive relationships

The core activity in professional selling is the identification of customer problems and the presentation of solutions in a helpful way. It requires empathy, asking the right questions in the right way, and genuinely listening to understand from the customer’s point-of-view.

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Through shared learning and collaborative problem solving, high-performance sales professionals elevate their degree of influence in the customer’s decision-making process and set the standard against which competitors are judged.

The power of simplicity and visualization

Visual representation of the attitudes and actions required for success is the most effective way to ensure adoption, retention, and lasting behavior change. Graphic process models are easy to remember, help concentration, focus energy, enable agility, and spark confidence. Simple adaptable tools and straightforward strategies ensure participants leave training with new behaviors, not just new ideas.

Exceptional performance requires competence, confidence, and commitment

Professional excellence confidently blends science and art. The science is consciously applying product knowledge, technical expertise, and customer-centered communication skills to diagnose and solve customer problems. The art is bringing a unique style and personality to building a relationship, gaining acceptance of proposed solutions, and achieving trusted advisor status. 

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High-performance individuals commit to employing the right strategies and tactics before, during, and after every call to build trust, remain top-of-mind, and elevate the degree of influence they have in the buyer’s decision-making process. Doing the right thing and doing it right earns trust and creates competitive advantage. High performers commit to continuous improvement, continuing education, and on-going reinforcement.

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