Dimensions of Positional Recruiting

Become the Employer of Choice

Increase success in recruiting top-tier talent. Equip talent acquisition teams with the skills they need to recruit high-performing employees who fit your organization’s culture and will help take your team to the next level. Learn proven best practices to build relationships with the right candidates and become their employer of choice.

Our proprietary models and straightforward frameworks allow client-specific customization while retaining the integrity of our proven content. Dimensions of Positional Recruiting is instructor-led and can be delivered live onsite, live virtually, or in blended sessions. Regardless of the delivery method, Carew facilitators create magic in the classroom by leveraging a variety of engaging learning strategies and modalities to educate, motivate and inspire. Participants receive highly relevant, immediately usable, and memorable training that profoundly impacts their skills, attitude, relationships, and success.

What You’ll Learn

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Candidate Perspective

Learn a results-producing model for building strong relationships with candidates. Develop critical listening skills and techniques to ensure understanding of your position with prospective employees and your degree of influence with them. Recognize common needs, values, and motivations that affect each individual’s decision-making process; learn communication, messaging, and relationship strategies for each to achieve desired talent acquisition outcomes. Activate a relationship map for inspiring prospective new-hires to take positive action.

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Creating Engagement through Productive Communication

Master a simple, defined, and repeatable communication process to optimize insight into candidate qualifications, needs, perspectives, and challenges. Learn to handle objections, delays, and indecision in a way that overcomes resistance to your employment proposition while creating an empathetic relationship. Leverage planning documents to prepare for candidate meetings and ensure each conversation addresses and aligns with candidates needs and expectations. This proven model gets to the heart of prospective employee aspirations and needs while building trust, credibility, and rapport.

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Gaining Alignment & Identifying Opportunities

Learn a disciplined and flexible model that uncovers the insight necessary to assess the alignment of open positions with candidate career objectives, current competencies, potential for growth, values, and culture. Master interviewing skills to gather vital information and perspective. Explore strategies and tactics for positively influencing candidates you want to hire and graciously communicating with those you don’t. Generate real value for customers while creating competitive advantage.

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Building Offers that Lead to “Yes!”

Learn how to connect the benefits and advantages of joining your company to the candidate’s aspirations and expectations. Leverage our solution-building process to engage candidates, incorporate their input, and become their employer of choice. Learn to distinguish between Features, Advantages, and Benefits. Handle questions/concerns flawlessly on-the-fly and gauge buy-in and interest throughout. Master the art of closing and activating next steps to ensure successful on-boarding and retention of new hires.

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Program Benefits

Higher quality talent
Organizational alignment
Accelerated recruiting cycle
Common language, process
Employee retention, growth

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Program Highlights

Client-specific customization
Proprietary process models
Videotaped skills practice
Energy, interaction, fun
Participant Certification

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Personalized Smart Room
Online LMS
Thought Leadership
Alumni Community Forums

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Who Should Attend

Talent Recruiters
Talent Managers
Human Resources Professionals
Organization Dvlpt. Professionals

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Delivery Options

Live Onsite Instructor-led
Live Virtual Instructor-led
Custom Onsite/Virtual Blend
Train-the-Trainer Certification

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Program Duration

Onsite: 2.0 days
Virtual: 4.0 days | Two 2.5 hr. sessions/day