Advanced Positional Selling®

Take the Lead® with Consultative Selling
Develop consultative skills and strategic insight to solidify preferred position with the customer. Designed to build on the content and models presented in Dimensions of Professional Selling®, this intermediate-level workshop combines diagnostic tools, thought leadership and street-smart business savvy to help sales professionals create exceptional differentiation and value. Deeply explore the strategic elements of selling, including organizational dynamics, conflict management, negotiation, and presentation skills. Create a holistic business case that addresses each customer’s unique situation, key drivers, and decision criteria, makers, and influencers. Enhance success through quantification of customer needs and the benefits of adopting your solutions.

Our proprietary models and straightforward frameworks allow client-specific customization while retaining the integrity of our proven content. Advanced Positional Selling® is instructor-led and can be delivered live onsite, live virtually, or in blended sessions. Regardless of the delivery method, Carew facilitators create magic in the classroom by leveraging a variety of engaging learning strategies and modalities to educate, motivate and inspire. Participants receive highly relevant, immediately usable, and memorable training that profoundly impacts their skills, attitude, relationships, and success.

What You’ll Learn

Sales Positioning Strategy

Aligning for Success

Learn an analytical model to objectively assess your current standing with customers and their decision makers. Discover tools to further penetrate customer organizations and strategies to align internal resources for success. Explore ways to gain insight into the customer decision-making process and leverage it from a position of strength. Understand various organizational structures and how to successfully navigate them all the way to the C-Suite. Learn the concepts and implications of Business Drivers, Critical Concerns, and Decision Criteria within the context of a simple, yet sophisticated, repeatable process.

Business Case Selling

Take a disciplined approach to understanding your customer’s current internal and external business situation. Discover how to create value in the buying experience by inspiring buyers with insights and new ideas and crafting compelling solutions that link directly to their needs and opportunities. Learn research, interviewing, needs analysis, and process mapping tools and techniques to identify customer business drivers and clearly define the implications of action or inaction. Learn our proprietary Business Case Exploratory and Planning model and how to quantify customer needs and the results/ROI of choosing your solution.

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Decision Criteria and Process

Create an organization road map to understand inter-connectedness in the decision-making process and to identify key stakeholders: decision makers, influencers, navigators, coaches, and end-users. Understand the Selection and Evaluation Criteria – what the real decision criteria is and how to influence it to your advantage. Learn how to assess the competition and use a decision criteria matrix to beat competitors’ propositions. Explore how organization type influences the decision process, and learn the skill and language required to successfully navigate C-Suite decision makers. Recognize the various buying orientations of the decision hierarchy and successfully adapt your style and presentation to address the needs, concerns, and implications of each.

carew presentation skills

Packaging the Business Case

Leverage our proven presentation model to develop and deliver high-impact business case proposals that engage the customer, make them part of the solution, and secure approval to proceed. Create comprehensive solutions designed to address each customer’s unique buying process, business realities and desired results. Quantify ROI and positive business impact. Create an enthusiastic and receptive environment, whether presenting one-on-one or to a large group. Strengthen closing skills and the ability to activate next steps that ensure successful adoption of your solution.

sales positioning strategy

Capstone Plan & Presentation

Prepare for a strategic business call with a real client. Apply the Business Case process to a specific account, including preparation, action steps, and responsibilities to complete the process through delivery to the customer. Present to workshop participants and receive peer and instructor feedback. Develop an action plan to implement the business tools and skills learned in the workshop across the largest opportunity accounts in your customer portfolio.

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Program Benefits

Increased revenue and profit
Increased win rates, deal size
Accelerated sales cycle
Increased sales productivity
Greater account penetration
Achieve trusted advisor status

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Program Highlights

Client-specific customization
Proprietary process models
Capstone plan & presentation
Energy, interaction, fun
Participant Certification

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Personalized Smart Room
Online LMS
Thought Leadership
Alumni Community Forums

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Who Should Attend

Graduates of DPS®
Sales Professionals
Sales Managers
Account Managers
Business Development
sales positioning strategy

Delivery Options

Live Onsite Instructor-led
Live Virtual Instructor-led
Custom Onsite/Virtual Blend
Train-the-Trainer Certification

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Program Duration

Onsite: 2.5-3 days
Virtual: 1 wk. | Two 2.5 hr. sessions/day