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Curated Solutions That Complement and Support Carew Training Programs and Client Success

In collaboration with leading-edge sales enablement providers and talent management resources and tools, we leverage a curated suite of solutions that support our training programs and facilitate lasting performance improvement and competitive advantage for our clients.

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JourneyDXP Smart Rooms: All Carew training programs include access to a personalized digital smart room powered by JourneyDXP. Carew Smart Rooms facilitate our holistic training experience by providing a communication and collaboration hub for training and reinforcement before, during, and after workshops. Plus, our Smart Rooms give participants hands-on experience with a digital sales tool that is essential to successfully navigate the contemporary sales process.

JourneyDXP Smart Rooms is the #1 B2B digital sales solution, built fully native to Salesforce. Smart Rooms support implementation of the core principles and methodologies of Carew training by enhancing customer insight and engagement in a way that helps organizations grow more profitable pipelines and stay competitive in dynamic industries.

talent acquisition programs

Chally Talent Assessment Platform: Carew leverages the power of the Chally Talent Assessment Platform to help our clients make informed, evidence-based talent management decisions. We collaborate closely with each customer to identify key competencies for each role, benchmark the current situation, and design training curriculum to build on strengths and address challenges. Facilitated by Carew, this collaboration has proven exceptionally beneficial in improving productivity, reducing turnover, developing leadership, and creating effective, reliable succession planning.

Chally is an industry-leading provider of best-in-class talent assessment and performance management software. Differentiated by the richness of its data and the scientific rigor behind its assessment tools, the Chally platform provides the foundation for accurate talent selection, retention, and development.

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Core Strengths® Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0®: Carew training is grounded in the positive relationships and productive communication skills necessary to build and sustain high-performance sales and leadership cultures. Cracking the code of communication styles, based on understanding individual motivations, response to conflict, strengths, and weaknesses, adds science to the art of accelerating positive relationships and productive communication.

Carew utilizes the Core Strengths® Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0® to help clients objectively and quantitatively understand why and how the individuals and teams in their organization behave and relate to each other the way they do. The output is personalized Relationship Intelligence (RQ) models that provide insight into how to make interactions more effective, build trust, and forge mutually productive and positive relationships.

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The Caliper Profile: Carew takes a data-driven approach to helping clients define and measure the key competencies and behaviors needed to strengthen their organization’s culture and performance. Benchmarking current capabilities via the Caliper Profile provides an objective snapshot of development needs and a roadmap for crafting tailored development journeys and programs.

The Caliper Profile is an objective assessment that accurately measures an individual’s personality characteristics and individual motivations to predict on-the-job behaviors and potential. Scientifically validated by nearly six decades of research, the Caliper Profile measures 22 robust traits and offers local norms for several countries. The assessment data can be utilized throughout the employee lifecycle including selection, development, promotion, team building, and succession planning.

talent acquisition programs

ProActivate Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruiting: As your single-source strategic partner for professional development, Carew offers clients exceptional talent acquisition services through our partnership with ProActivate, a global company specializing in providing top leadership, sales, and marketing talent to growing organizations.

ProActivate utilizes an advanced sales behavioral qualification process and simulation evaluation to match your company’s critical performance characteristics to working and winning sales talent. Their unique model is the next generation of sales talent acquisition and is not structured like traditional recruiting. Together, we will help you find the best talent for your team so you can focus on exceeding your revenue and growth goals.

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Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) Professional Fraternity: Carew reaches beyond the business community to elevate and inspire excellence in professional sales. We proudly support skill development of the next generation of sales professionals via engagement at the collegiate level.

Since 2014, Carew has been the exclusive content and training provider for Pi Sigma Epsilon, the only national professional fraternity for sales, marketing, and management students, and its Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon® regional and national collegiate sales competitions in which 275 competitors from 35 leading universities compete annually.

The PSE mission is to develop its members’ sales and marketing skills through lifelong opportunities. There are nearly 60 active PSE chapters at universities and colleges across the country. Members gain hands-on experience through experiential learning opportunities, regional and national conferences, and professional networking events hosted by PSE corporate partners.

talent acquisition programs

B-More Consulting: Founded in 2007 by the visionary sales and marketing expert Roshan L. Joseph, Carew’s official partner and representative in India, has revolutionized sales leadership training in the region.

Our collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to elevate sales leadership training by introducing internationally acclaimed programs to the Indian market. Recognizing the demand for top-tier trainers and technically sophisticated training programs, B-More Consulting has successfully brought global standards to the Indian corporate sales training landscape.

Together, Carew International and B-More Consulting are dedicated to enhancing sales skills and concepts, ensuring that Indian professionals are equipped with world-class expertise.

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