Jeff Seeley, Author at Carew International Sales Training

Are You Delivering Information or Insight?

September 29, 2016  |  Published by in Communication Skills, Sales Excellence

At the recent Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, I talked about identifying and replicating the distinguishing characteristics of top […]

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Marketing Has Its Limitations

September 22, 2016  |  Published by in Professional Development, Sales Excellence
Businessmen passing a baton

Owning Sales Role in Customer Engagement In recent years, automated marketing tools have expanded the role of marketing in engaging […]

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Cracking the Code of Top Sales Performers

JS - SP conf 2016

At the recent Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, I delivered a keynote presentation, Cracking the Code: Understanding and Replicating […]

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If you love what you’re doing, success will be yours

May 27, 2016  |  Published by in Sales Training

McDonalds Founder Ray Kroc once said, “If you work for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what […]

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Proper Focus, Selling Skills Drive Sales Success- Carew

January 29, 2016  |  Published by in Professional Development, Sales Excellence
firefighter and flames

Thousands of hours spent with sales professionals and sales leaders reveals a central challenge to sales effectiveness: our failure to […]

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Selling Power Blog: “Five Keys to Make Sales Training Stick”

August 27, 2015  |  Published by in Professional Development, Sales Excellence, Sales Training
Four employees of different generations

Sales training is a powerful tool to drive performance improvement, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a one-and-done, transformational event. […]

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Selling Power Blog: “Three Tips to Deepen Customer Relationships”

Deepening Customer Relationships Blog Image

Emails, texts and voicemail messages help us stay in touch with customers and prospects, but they do not cultivate the […]

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Selling Power Blog: “The Most Powerful Story You Will Ever Tell as a Salesperson”

customer's story

In the sales profession, stories are more than just entertaining anecdotes—they can be key to selling your ideas and creating […]

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Is Insight Enough to Win the Sale?

JS Tips for Future Selling SP 230x136

Recently there has been a great deal of attention placed on the importance of offering new insights to customers to […]

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Sales Call or First Date?

romantic dinner

Have you ever considered how your initial meeting with a prospective customer is like a first date? Whether business or […]

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