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4 Tips to Revamp Your Selling Strategies in the New Quarter

July 2, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

The beginning of a new quarter provides companies with a prime opportunity to look at their current strategies and make necessary changes. One area that is important to reassess is sales, as these departments are particularly integral to an organization’s success. It’s never too late to implement better sales training programs and educate workers about what they can do to boost their success.

Develop comprehensive plans
According to Inc. Magazine, one thing every business should do at the start of a new fiscal year or quarter is reassess its goals and hash out how to meet those objectives. The source stated that if companies are actively working toward understanding what they must do to reach their goals, it is more likely that revenue objectives will be achieved. This is also a great opportunity to look at operations that may not be working as effectively and figure out what changes must be implemented to improve results.

Make the most out of meetings
The news provider noted that, additionally, it is important staff know how important it is that each customer interaction is meaningful. Every time employees communicate with clients, they should be sure that they are working to keep the sales process moving forward. Inc. said that one way to achieve this may be for teams to commit to doing more pre-call planning and research, which can give them the resources they need to think effectively on their feet.

Listen up
There’s nothing that puts the brakes on a sale as quickly as an employee who isn’t quite listening to what the customer has to say. Inside sales associates must remember that when dealing with current and prospective clients, customers can provide valuable insights. If professionals are listening to their customers, they may clue in to important problems that can be solved with the help of the business’ products and services, Forbes stated. If they don’t listen, they might miss out on strategic opportunities to demonstrate value and ultimately lose the sale.

Make it personal
Additionally, Forbes explained that the impact of the sales department depends on workers’ people skills. While some employees are naturally personable, even those who are more reserved can improve the likelihood of making connections with clients that lead to sales. This is one essential area where the right kind of sales training program can make a measurable difference on the bottom line. Leaders should give their workers the chance to boost their communication skills, which help them play an active role in understanding customer needs and building strong relationships.

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