Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Meeting

October 16, 2014  |  Posted by in Sales Training

Who doesn’t look forward to the national sales meeting? It’s always fun to reconnect with colleagues, enjoy the venue and entertainment provided, and get a preview of what’s new and exciting for the year ahead. Above all, it’s a rare opportunity for the entire sales organization and leadership to gather in one place for education and motivation. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most of the event:

Expectations – The first step in making the most of your sales meeting experience is recognizing it for the opportunity it is. Your organization has made a considerable investment in the event, and you owe it to the company, your sales team and to yourself to get as much out the experience as possible. The sales meeting should never be a passive experience. Don’t show up expecting to be entertained, informed and motivated. Recognize your active role in ensuring it is a worthwhile and productive use of your time.

Preparation – Prior to the sales meeting, consider your performance over the past year and expectations for the coming year. Identify opportunities to improve, and those changes that will have the greatest impact on your performance. Expand your vision beyond your sales numbers to include practices and skills that drive those numbers: your networking activity and skill level, the quality of your customer relationships, and opportunities for improved administrative efficiencies.

Find Mentors – Understandably, reconnecting with friends and colleagues is a highlight of the sales meeting, and much of your interaction will be purely social. But this is also a rare gathering of sales professionals with a wealth of talent, experience and insight to be tapped! Think about members of your sales team from whom you could learn, and specific skills/results you want to emulate. Reach out to potential mentors prior to the sales meeting to request their time and insights, and if they are agreeable, schedule the session ahead of time.

When you make the most of your time at the sales meeting, you will come away energized and better prepared for the year ahead!

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