New Communication Skill Demands For Modern Leaders

November 18, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills

As technology continues to play a larger role in corporate operations, many businesses have created new executive positions, such as chief information officer and chief information security officer, to improve performances. While these titles are relatively new, businesses need to ensure that the people placed in these roles are prepared for the challenges of modern leadership.

Communication skills training should be a focal point of leadership development today, as all executives need to be able to seamlessly collaborate with managers and other employees on a daily basis. Several experts have asserted that soft skills training is a far less common activity among businesses today, and this can cause significant strain on the C-suite in any organization.

Talking soft skills
Tech Republic recently listed several soft skills that it believes are critical drivers of success for CIOs in the private sector. While IT-related leadership will often need a variety of support to manage daily operations, and should have access to continuous learning opportunities to understand new technology proactively, these soft skills can benefit all managers and executives.

For one, the source argued that CIOs should be exceptional team-builders, negotiators and collaborators, and well-versed in public speaking and account management. These skills are more critical for IT-related executives because of how quickly technology continues to evolve and spread throughout the public and private sectors.

As such, leaders in related positions must be able to quickly adjust management protocols and support capabilities to ensure all employees are on the same page when it comes to IT. Tech Republic added that other soft skills, including the ability to present ideas and communicate clearly through a variety of mediums, will also improve the overall performance of IT operations.

Spread the skills
The workforce continues to become younger and more diverse in the United States and abroad, as new technology has catalyzed more rapid globalization of corporate operations. As such, communication, which has long been difficult for larger companies, is even more challenging in the modern workplace.

By deploying soft skills and communication training to all leaders, as well as managers and other employees, businesses can boost their operational agility and enhance resilience to everyday disruptions. Additionally, strong communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of collaborative tools will often increase a company’s ability to innovate and surpass the competition.

Regardless of which sector a company competes within, soft skills and communication training is always a sound investment.

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