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How to Build a Winning Inside Sales Team

June 11, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

If companies want to continue selling to customers and grow a firm foundation in their market, they need to turn their attention to inside sales. The selling profession is generally thought of as being responsible for introducing new clients to the business, but it is so much more than that. Sales professionals are the main contact for many of the company’s clients and need to provide excellent service, support and attention to detail when dealing with client concerns or questions.This means companies should spend time building a strong inside sales department.

Sales training programs are incredibly useful for staff to learn how to communicate and continue offering excellent service for customers. Organizations that invest in their sales department will see quite a return and a better brand rapport. Offer customers the best services and they will become repeat buyers based on their experience. Here are five ways to build a stellar inside sales team for increased sales and customer satisfaction:

1. Act Fast
According to, companies that don’t have an inside sales team are significantly behind and not going to be competitive in their market. This means executives have to start making decisions fast about how to recruit and train their staff to make inside sales more of an integral part of the company.

2. Hire Based on Qualifications
It is important for businesses to hire sales representatives with the aptitude and potential to make a strong inside sales professional. Regardless of the experience a new recruit may have, leaders should invest in sales training to make sure they are skilled at communicating and able to handle their responsibilities successfully.

3. Make Inside Sales Part of Company Culture
This department needs to be sustainable and should become one of the most important parts of the organization. If leaders are not able to install an effective inside sales team into their organization, they may end up spending extra money continually signing new clients without retaining existing ones.

4. Differentiate Between Outside and Inside Sales
While both are essential parts of the organization, outside and inside sales are very different and should be treated as such. Build the inside sales department separately from the other and have unique goals to achieve for each.

5. Have a Cohesive Department
While outside and inside sales are two different entities, they should work cohesively to follow through on customer expectations and promises. The National Federation of Independent Business says a strong connection between the two will allow for a positive working environment.

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