Don’t Overlook Trust as Your Customers’ Businesses Reopen
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Trust is critical to every sales relationship. But especially now, sales professionals need to pay close attention to what it means to be in a trustworthy relationship with customers. As businesses start to reopen, your customers may be wary and/or have their guards up. “Why does this sales professional want/need to talk to me now? I’m just starting to adjust to my new office setting, so what could they possibly think is so important? How do I know I can trust this sales professional to do what is best for me and my company?”

First and foremost, you need to make sure your customer understands that you don’t need their attention right now. If your customer thinks you want something from them, you are not in a trustworthy relationship. Let your customers know that you are there to support them and their current reality. Demonstrate your genuine concern for them and empathize with them. This is the foundation to maintaining any trustworthy relationship.

Furthermore, if you are going to start calling on customers face-to-face as businesses reopen, ensure you are taking measures that don’t violate their trust. Follow the regulations and safety procedures their companies have set in place to protect their business, employees and customers. It only takes one slip-up to ruin a trustworthy relationship of many years, and this is something you can’t risk. Remain focused on doing what is best to help others. It is crucial to ensure you are acting in the best interest of your customer(s), and not yourself, during this time.

As businesses reopen and your customer conversations and interactions start to pick up speed, pay special attention to how you are developing trust within your customer relationships. Make certain your customer’s trust is at the forefront of your mind. Their success, and ultimately your success, depends on it!

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