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April 10, 2015  |  Posted by in Communication Skills, Sales Training

Are you looking for specific tools and practices to cultivate productive customer relationships? The JADIK Matrix provides a visual means of understanding how specific activities like the Exploratory Process and the Presentation Process help us cultivate the customer relationship and improve our position, and graphically illustrates the need for balance in applying these tools. The JADIK Matrix is designed to help sales professionals:

  • Assess your sales style
  • Balance your communications with customers
  • Optimize your sales approach

The JADIK Matrix features four quadrants:

Common Ground includes information known to both the sales professional and the customer.  Every relationship (professional or personal) is built upon Common Ground, including interests, goals and beliefs. As we cultivate the Common Ground with customers, we create synergy that strengthens our overall relationship and improves our position.

Blind Spot includes information known to the customer but not to the sales professional, including the customer’s unmet needs, desired outcomes, attitudes and motivations. The Blind Spot prevents us from providing relevant and valuable solutions.  Effective use of the Exploratory Process is the best way to minimize the Blind Spot.

Unrevealed is information known to the sales professional but not to the customer, including information about products and services, and his/her qualifications to meet the customer’s needs. We utilize the Presentation Process to share solution features, advantages and benefits, thereby minimizing the Unrevealed realm.

Future Potential represents the future of your customer relationship; it grows in conjunction with Common Ground and at the expense of the Blind Spot and Unrevealed. Growth in the Future Potential quadrant reflects growth and strengthening of the customer relationship.

Take a moment to reflect on your own sales practices and how they might render in the JADIK relationship model. Are you utilizing research tools and social media to maximize the Common Ground prior to your first meeting with a new customer? Are you striking a good balance between exploration and presentation? Can you identify growth in your Common Ground or a reduction in the Blind Spot and Unrevealed after each customer interaction? Consistently working the JADIK Matrix will keep your customer relationships moving in the right direction.

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