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5 of the Biggest Sales Mistakes

March 28, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

The sales profession is an incredibly rewarding and useful career path and can take companies to great heights. Learning proper selling tactics and how to develop strong relationships with clients are the most important fundamentals of the job, and sales training helps professionals of all ages and experience levels help grow their businesses. Understanding the strategies behind a proper selling technique and how to forge lasting connections with customers is key. But if salespeople can’t learn from their mistakes or develop solid tactics, they are going to become a problem and could hinder the overall progress of an enterprise.

If sales professionals don’t know the importance of basic human interaction and how to make others comfortable and secure in their decisions, they may find it hard to land deals. Righting selling wrongs is nothing that sales training programs can’t handle, but employees need to know mistakes they make in the first place. Continually failing to make sales and convert leads into satisfied customers should tip companies off that sales departments aren’t performing as they should. But acknowledging that there is a problem and working to resolve it will improve the situation significantly. Here are five reasons sales just aren’t happening:

1. Lack of Preparation
If salespeople go into a meeting without doing proper research on prospects or their industry, it will be obvious. Companies should communicate their expertise and knowledge on the subject at hand, not the opposite.

2. Overselling
Inc. magazine says companies should be aware of how aggressive their sales staff is. If they push for the sale too much, it’s a major turn off and could permanently jeopardize a business relationship.

3. Lacking Answers
Good selling strategies present a problem and solve it with the product or service their company carries. If there is no solution to a problem or to what prospects inquire about, then the sale will go downhill fast, says allBusiness.

4. Trying to Read Customers’ Minds
Instead of selling something based on what the salesperson believes his or her potential clients to be thinking and assuming their perspective – a problem many salespeople have, according to Inc. –  work together to come up with a mutually viable solution instead.

5. Failing to Follow Up
A majority of the selling process happens after the initial meeting. Professionals who don’t keep in touch or build a consistent level of interaction with clients will lose them just as fast as they got them.

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