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3 Bad Habits That Can Be Broken With Sales Training

March 5, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

Companies should always look to improve their sales teams, especially if representatives exhibit particularly bad habits while meeting with clients. Sales training can not only help businesspeople replace bad habits with good ones, but can also advance proper communication and selling skills. Even if companies sorely need new clients, teams should never compromise customer relationships in order to push a deal through.

Poor sales habits can negatively impact the brand image and future business, but there is a solution to the problem. By first acknowledging that current strategies are not working and pinpointing the areas of weakness, departments can work toward fixing the problem. Replace poor communication skills with strong ones, and focus on creating a meaningful experience instead of a pushy one. Here are three bad sales habits to change for future client meetings:

1. Being the First to Talk
Having the first say can start the conversation on a pushy note, and presenting too much information can overwhelm prospects, says Inc. magazine. Try a more casual approach, help the potential client understand the product or service, and be as specific and helpful as possible.

2. Rushing to Make the Sale
Remember that selling isn’t always about selling – it’s about establishing a relationship. Life Health Pro says one of the biggest mistakes is offering vague statements, which can arise if a person is in a hurry to present the deal.

3. Lacking a Call to Action
Forming a relationship is a great approach, but always remember to make the time with a client count. If the person doesn’t commit, the sales opportunity is virtually lost. End the conversation in a way that elicits action from the other person and pushes the relationship forward.

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