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2 ways to improve sales calls

January 25, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

However routine a sales call appears to be, it can still stir up some nerves in the moments leading up to the meeting. Combating this emotion and conducting a successful and meaningful call with a potential client seems difficult in the moment, but just requires practice and confidence – nothing professional sales training development can’t help.

Mental approach is everything. As Peter Bregman writes for the Harvard Business Review blog, a sales call is an experience, not a performance. Always prepare and be knowledgeable on all relevant business matters, but remember that it doesn’t have to be about being graded on presentation. Rather, it’s about experiencing purposeful interaction with other professionals. By treating the situation as a learning opportunity, employees can constantly improve their approach.

“When you’re experiencing [a meeting, as opposed to performing for it], you can appreciate negative outcomes as well as positive ones,” Bregman says. “Success is based on whether you fully immerse yourself in the experience, no matter how it turns out, and whether you learn from it. That’s a result you can always achieve regardless of the outcome.”

Keeping this altered idea of how to interact with clients or potential clients, here are two ways to improve on sales meetings:

1. Communicate a sincere greeting
Introductions and greetings should be formal, yet personal. Entrepreneur magazine suggests differing from a simple “Hello” and look to connect deeper with a possible “Good afternoon.” Depending on what seems more comfortable, a sincere greeting helps a salesperson stand out.

2. Communicate gratitude
Creating an atmosphere of professional interaction involves expressing gratitude for dedicating time to the meeting and making the most of the moment. Entrepreneur says offering a genuine “I won’t waste any of your time” can go a long way.

Mindful and constructive planning before, during and after the sales call can help enhance prospects’ experience with the company, and creating a comfortable environment may keep them interested in furthering their connection with its services.

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