Top 10 Carew Sales Blogs of 2021
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In the world of professional sales and among Carew blog readers, presentation and communication skills were a few of the hot topics that defined 2021. Click on the links below to read our most popular sales blogs of 2021:

  1. Sales Challenge: Gaining Access to the Decision-Maker
  2. 3 Sales Call Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)
  3. 5 Tips for Qualifying a Sales Opportunity
  4. 3 Barriers to Understanding Your Customer’s Reality
  5. Solution Selling: Throw Your “Stuff” out the Window
  6. Presenting to an Empty Room: 3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Digital Selling Success
  7. Communication in the Workplace
  8. 3 Keys to a Killer Presentation
  9. The Insight Question: Helping Customers Uncover the Questions They Didn’t Know to Ask
  10. Going for Gold: 6 Sales Lessons from Olympians

What topics do you want to see?

We’ve shared the most popular sales blogs of the past year, now we’d like to hear from you! What topics would you like to see covered in this year’s Message from the Mentor and blogs? Customer experience? Mindset and motivation? What is your biggest sales challenge? Email your suggestions to Your topic requests will help keep us relevant and timely with our sales insights.

Here’s to a brighter New Year!

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