Every once in a while you come across insight that is so relevant and so universal, it must be shared. Such is the case with a recent article on Inc.com, 5 Bad Habits That You Need to Ditch Right Now, by Marla Tabaka. While written with entrepreneurs in mind, it applies to us all - sales professionals, leaders, human beings. Here is a recap of five must-lose habits outlined by Tabaka:

You frequently use the words "I don't have time right now." We all have a tendency to put off certain tasks, not because they aren't important, but because they are difficult or unpleasant. There are only so many hours in the day, but we must be certain we invest our precious time in those activities most critical to growth, rather than those that are easiest to tick off our ever-growing "to do" list.

You let your mind drift when others are talking. This is such a common and costly habit. Shutting up and letting others talk does not constitute effective listening! Tabaka writes, "When others are present is not the time to let your mind drift. People need to be heard. They need to feel validated and valued." We will only reap the benefits of others' thoughts if we are tuned in with our full attention.

You ignore advice and ideas without consideration. We all filter information through our own lens, or our own "Odds Are," so it's important to maintain our awareness of these filters as we receive feedback or input from others. As Tabaka writes, "Before you choose to ignore an idea or suggestion, no matter how bizarre it seems, give it a good once-over, with your brain and your heart."

You believe that to get something done right you have to do it yourself. This is the perfect way to stay mired down in the minutia at the expense of more strategic, higher impact endeavors. There are two keys to effective delegation: First, taking the time to train properly, including sharing the overriding objective for the task or process. Second, recognizing that there may be more than one way (our way) to do something to get a comparable outcome, i.e., stay open minded.

You ignore the needs of your body. Poor decision-making, moodiness, exhaustion and compromised health are just a few negative effects of neglecting our own physical health. At a minimum, your health plan should include sleep, nutrition, exercise and recreation. We all know this. Why don't we practice it?Whether our role is in sales or operations, as a team member or leader, these bad habits will undermine our professional and personal success. Did anything on the list resonate with you? Self-awareness is the first step in losing self-destructive practices!

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