Dimensions of Professional Selling® – Invest in the Relationship – LAER:™ Bonding Process


Learn tools and strategies for building productive, long-term relationships and developing prospects into committed customers through excellence in communication. In this module, participants:

  • Learn a simple, defined and repeatable process – the LAER Bonding Process™ – to handle customer objections, defuse anger and overcome resistance to move forward in the sales process.
  • Understand how to be customer-centric and uncover opportunities within customer objections.
  • Adopt techniques to help you identify customer needs from their perspective and clarify their points of value more efficiently.

Here’s a recap of the LAER essentials!


  • Empathetic, attentive, non-judgmental listening is important to creating a safe climate in which the customer can express his or her feelings.
  • The customer must be allowed sufficient time to express his or her thoughts without interruption.
  • Non-judgmental listening demonstrates concern for the customer’s objection, without preconceived judgments or overreaction.


  • Acknowledging takes the form of a supportive statement, a restatement of the issue, or some positive nonverbal gesture, such as a nod of the head or a facial expression that denotes interest.
  • Acknowledging demonstrates understanding and involvement in an authentic way.


  • The purpose  is to identify and understand the specific issues underlying the customer’s resistance, lack of understanding, or reluctance to make a buying decision in the salesperson’s favor.
  • Is NOT probing or interrogating


  • The response is an appropriate answer to the customer’s objection: a recommendation, an alternative, a solution, or a next step designed to address the customer’s concerns and close the transaction.

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