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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are all looking at the relationships that are near and dear to us in our personal lives. How do we establish and then maintain that relationship? Nice gestures, phone calls, texts, e-mails, and dinners, just to name a few. There is a laundry list of actions you do, but you must do what is right for that specific relationship.  

Let’s look at relationships through a professional lens – ask yourself, when was the last time I took a look at the relationships I have with my clients? Where do these relationships stand? 

Some of us have a solid handle on where we are with our clients; others do not. Not knowing where the relationship stands can lead to problems arising in our blind spot we did not see coming. So, how do you prevent these types of situations from catching you off guard?

The answer is very simple…invest in the relationship! For some of us, this is an innate action. For others, it is not; we have to really work at finding how to maintain the relationship. Just like in personal relationships, there are many factors that come into play. 

Personality type. You need to know the type of person you are interacting with so you can meet their needs! Does their personality lean toward being quick to pull the trigger, or do they need nurturing to make a decision? You, as the sales professional, need to be able to pick up on the intricacies of their personality so you can make the necessary adjustments and plan your sales strategy accordingly.

Stage of the relationship. This is very important; are you in the beginning stages, or is there an established relationship? These stages must be nurtured differently until you have established some common ground. As a sales professional, you must keep an eye on the relationship status. What is working for your client to grow the common ground or what may not be working for your client; then make the necessary adjustments to grow the common ground, alleviating blind spots.

Take the time to cultivate common ground. The impact of the investment allows for an open and honest mutualistic relationship. Your client is open about their needs, allowing you to provide the correct solutions and create rapport. It is beneficial to both sides. Ultimately yielding a better experience for the customer and you!

So, how are you investing in the relationship with your clients?

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