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In a recent issue of Message from the Mentor, we talked about the importance of Dimensional questions to find/create a unique value offering for customers (Are You Asking the Right Questions? 5/14/15 issue). A number of readers wrote in asking for examples of Dimensional questions, and we are more than happy to oblige.

In Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) sales training, we identify five types of questions in the Exploratory Process – Overview, Focusing, Realization, Closing and Dimensional – each with a specific purpose. Dimensional questions allow us to engage our customers who are “fully satisfied” and open our customers’ minds to the possibility of improvement beyond what they thought possible.  Dimensional questions reflect our previous explorations with customers and tend to be very specific to each individual customer and his or her situation, making it somewhat challenging to provide generic examples of Dimensional questions. To help you generate your own examples of Dimensional questions, apply your solutions and customer situations to the examples below:

Are you aware that a number of organizations are [increasing productivity/decreasing costs/idle time, etc.] by [your solution]?  What would the impact of that improvement look like at your organization?

You have been creating excellent results without using all the [technology/products/systems/insight] available to you. With your permission, I’d like to show you how using [your solution] could generate better results.

Several of my customers have noticed [a shortening of their sales cycle/reduction in costs/other benefit] with the implementation of [a sales process/other solution]. What impact would you expect from such a result?

If I could show you an approach that will [lower your production costs/other benefit], what effect would that have on your overall [manufacturing/other area]?Your situation seems satisfactory; I have some thoughts on how you might be able to generate even better results.  May I share those with you? [OR] Would you be interested in hearing my thoughts?

I see a new issue emerging that could affect [the product costs/delivery time/etc.] of your [desired outcome], and I am wondering how you see that?

I wanted to share with you this [article/other reference source] that represents a situation similar to yours.  How closely related is that issue to conditions in your organization?

What are some areas we might be able to focus on that lend themselves to improvement?

When supported with a thorough Exploratory process, and thoughtful planning and positioning, Dimensional questions can reveal the most dramatic opportunities for value creation and drive improved position with customers.

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