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It’s a pervasive stereotype: successful salespeople are loud, extroverted, and always “on.”

But does this hold true? Not at all! Some of the best salespeople are more introspective and thoughtful.

Why the Extrovert Myth Persists

  • Visibility: Outgoing personalities naturally get noticed. We often assume they’re the top performers.
  • Misunderstanding Adaptability: Great sellers adapt their style to match the customer’s personality, not the other way around.
  • Focus on Results: Quiet, analytical sellers can be incredibly effective by focusing on problem-solving and building trust.

Carew’s models emphasize that customers have diverse orientations, preferences, and decision-making styles. The same applies to sales professionals!

Let’s look at two contrasting approaches:

The Relationship Builder: Excels at listening, asking insightful questions, and building strong bonds. Ideal for clients who value personal connection.

The Technical Expert: Deep product/industry knowledge earns trust. Great for clients who prioritize data and detailed analysis.

Successful selling isn’t about faking a personality.

It’s about:

  • Self-awareness: Understand your strengths and how to adapt them to different situations.
  • Empathy: Put yourself in the customer’s “Odds Are.” How do they feel most comfortable buying?
  • Genuine Care: If you’re truly invested in solving the client’s Gap, it will shine through, regardless of your personality type.

We all crave positive feedback. But can focusing solely on keeping customers happy harm your long-term sales performance?

Think of unhappy customers as an early warning system.

They bring to light:

  • Weaknesses in your product/service: Complaints can uncover issues you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.
  • Room for improvement: Honest criticism highlights areas where you can outpace the competition.
  • Missed Opportunities: An unhappy customer might be signaling a need you aren’t currently meeting.

Yes, avoiding unhappy clients is tempting, but remember: a complaint is a chance to improve.

Here’s how to reframe your mindset about unhappy customers:

  1. Listen Actively: Don’t get defensive. Seek to truly understand their concerns.
  2. Problem-Solving Mindset: Focus on finding a solution that benefits both parties.
  3. Document the Feedback: Is this an isolated issue or a pattern? Look for trends to guide systemic improvements.
  4. Follow Through: Don’t just fix the immediate issue. Demonstrate you’re committed to preventing similar problems in the future.

When you successfully address an unhappy customer’s concerns, you can sometimes create your most loyal advocates. They know you take their feedback seriously.

Think promoting your top salesperson to manager is a guaranteed win? Think again!

Many companies make this mistake, and the results are often disastrous.

Individual success and team success require vastly different skill sets.

Great salespeople often:

  • Focus on Personal Goals: They’re driven by hitting their own numbers. Management is about enabling others to succeed.
  • Struggle with Delegation: Used to doing it themselves, they can become micromanagers.
  • Assume One-Size-Fits-All Motivation: They replicate what worked for them, not what works for each unique team member.

I genuinely believe that the key to success is all about people. Excellent sales managers are able to tailor their approach to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, discover what truly drives each team member, and create a culture of ownership, not just following orders.

How do you find true leaders?

Don’t rely on sales figures alone.

Assessments like the Carew Talent Assessment reveal:

  • Natural Coaching Ability: Can they identify and nurture potential in others?
  • Empathetic Leadership Style: Do they connect with diverse personalities?
  • Strategic Thinking: Can they see the big picture beyond individual deals?

The bottom line is that promoting your top seller might cost you a great salesperson and still leave you with a struggling manager. Invest in leadership development and use data-driven tools to find the right candidates.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to build your training plan? Our team is here to help! Let’s Talk!

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