The fourth type of Exploratory question that can be utilized to uncover the customer's gap and position ourselves for a successful solution presentation is the Dimensional question.

Dimensional questions represent a contingency plan to be used when we encounter customers who are fully satisfied. As such, we will not utilize Dimensional questions in every sales situation or as part of every Exploratory Process™; only when customers indicate they are completely satisfied with their current situation. Dimensional questions open the door (and discussion) to a new approach and open customers' minds to the possibility of improvement beyond their current 100% satisfaction level.

Here are good examples of Dimensional questions:

  1. What might we focus on to increase your results beyond what you are already achieving?
  1. Would you be open to the possibility of an added dimension to push performance beyond your current objectives?
  1. If there is any opportunity here would it be finding a way to improve your current results?

Dimensional questions allow us to expand the customer's thinking and expectations without making them feel foolish or wrong for not having considered this level of improvement previously. This line of questioning provides the opportunity for dialog about improvement, while being respectful of the customer. Most importantly, Dimensional questions provide a vehicle for us to provide value beyond what the customer expected or thought possible. Success on this front differentiates us from our competitors and forges a clear path to Preferred Position.