Leadership Development A Must For Well-Rounded Managers

March 3, 2014  |  Posted by in Leadership Development

The success of any organization often resides firmly on the shoulders of those who are making the decisions, supervising performances and managing general operational processes. As such, enterprises must put a focus on leadership development programs to ensure that the most important players in the corporate framework are adequately prepared to handle the tasks at hand.

In the modern workplace, managers have to contend with several novel challenges, including increasingly young and diverse employees who have a wide range of learning preferences, as well as increased competition in the average industry. The highest performers in terms of managers, supervisors and executives will often be extremely well-rounded, informed and capable of handling a variety of challenging tasks with poise.

Building well-rounded leadership
The first step toward establishing managers with a wide range of skills is the inclusion of diverse training content and delivery methods, ranging from general lecture-based classes to mentoring programs and beyond. Jesse Sostrin, writing for CLO Media, recently explained that hidden curriculums of work, such as responsibilities never included in a job description, might be the best place to start.

For example, some managers will be responsible for monthly or quarterly reviews of specific operational procedures, regardless of whether this is in the job description or not, and should be trained accordingly. Sostrin noted that weaknesses related to these sometimes forgotten responsibilities can be quickly unlocked by asking existing managers to evaluate their roles and outline which tasks they feel the least prepared to tackle.

The author also suggested that organizational systems might need to be reoriented or at least rethought to ensure that the management structure is resilient to changes inside and outside of the business. By training managers how to identify issues and think strategically to make the necessary adjustments, well-rounded leadership will translate to sustainable performances.

Success from the start
One of the most difficult times for any new manager is the process of transitioning into a supervisory role, which many companies are seeing regularly amid retiring baby boomers and entering millennials. Training programs that specifically work to help managers step into a leadership role can reduce strain on supervisors themselves, as well as the staff members for whom they are responsible.

Mentoring can also be exceptionally useful in both the early and later stages of leadership, as this technique can strengthen continuity of operations regardless of staff changes.

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