Cultivate Creativity to Be the Best Leader You Can Be

June 18, 2020  |  Posted by in Leadership Development

Leaders in today’s business environment often get so laser-focused on singular tasks that they forget to put their heads above the water and look at the horizon—especially given the unfamiliar problems leaders have been facing in the current times. They are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to managing the urgent, singular tasks at hand (i.e. reopening their business safely or making sure their employees have access to the resources they need while working remotely) while also keeping their minds open to the bigger picture (i.e. “What long-term effects will this have?” or “How can I use what we have learned to plan ahead and develop better processes?”). What, then, can leaders do to avoid the pitfall of getting trapped in this all-too-common dynamic?

One solution is to channel your creative side! Seeking creativity can help us to develop our problem-solving skills, see things from a new perspective, and discover a path to being more open-minded. All of these things will help us to distribute some of that “laser-focus” to more effectively balance it with the “bigger picture.” So, what exactly can you do to channel your creative side?

Although you may think, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” the truth is we all have the ability to be creative! While in the traditional sense creativity is viewed in terms of the arts, it isn’t limited to how artistically inclined we are – it’s much more than that! Creativity, in a broader sense, can be viewed as the capability to stretch our curiosity – which is a capability we all have. While some of us are more naturally inquisitive or frequently seek out opportunities for discovery, that isn’t to say that if it doesn’t come naturally to you, you can’t be creative. To channel our creative sides, we need to make time to stretch our curiosity. Set time aside to participate in activities that allow you to be curious. Read a book for fun, write your own poem or comic strip, go on a hike through the woods, bake something you never have before, or teach yourself how to play an instrument. Even setting time aside to create a new procedure for business can help us stretch our curiosity and channel our creative sides. You can find creativity in the most mundane of tasks as long as you seek it out and set a purposeful intention to be curious.

The point to be made here is that we need to stretch our curiosity in order to channel our creativity. Just as any skill is further developed with practice, the same goes for creativity. Exercising your creative mind will help creativity come more naturally to you, and as a leader, developing your creativity is something you should strive to do. Doing so will allow you to see things from a new perspective, have an open mind, and understand the big picture, which is ultimately what our team’s long-term success depends on.

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