A Sales Leader’s Guide to Effective Negotiations

November 6, 2018  |  Posted by in Leadership Development, Negotiations

As a sales leader, when it comes to being involved in the negotiations between your sales team members and their clients, it is important to know where you should be dedicating your time! This free white paper offers insights to help you ensure you are adding value in the right places during the negotiations process…

If you are reading this white paper, you likely perceive issues with the negotiations skills of your sales team. Maybe you feel your salespeople cave too early on price, or function in a reactive mode, or just aren’t as confident or effective in their negotiations as they could be. Effective negotiation skills have never been more critical for B2B sales success. There is universal pressure in today’s business world to continually improve profitability, and the easiest way for customers to improve profits is to squeeze better pricing from suppliers. In addition, the digital age has put more insight than ever in the hands of customers, which means that they are becoming better negotiators. One more challenge is the ubiquitous notion among sales professionals that buyers are looking for better pricing, above all else. Too often, quality of service or products are hardly discussed until after the negotiation process, and only in association with a failure to meet customer expectations. When it comes to improving the outcomes of your team’s negotiations, there are two areas for consideration: The foundational negotiation skills of your sales team and the quality of your involvement in that process. The primary focus of this article is to address the optimal role of sales leaders to facilitate successful negotiations by sales team members…Click here to read the entire white paper!

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