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The Benefits of Mentoring Leadership in Sales

April 15, 2014

As sales departments often have some of the quickest turnarounds on entering and exiting employees, fluid training and development must be high priorities to ensure long-term success. No matter what type of programs are in place for the general staff, though, companies should be especially aggressive in their pursuits of furthering leadership performances in these departments, as managers will be the most integral to overall success.HubSpot's Dan Lyons, writing for The Huffington Post, recently explained some of the reasons why business should consider using sales coaches to improve their leadership performance in these areas of operations. He first pointed out that one of the biggest reasons why so many sales professionals have been found to be ineffective at their jobs is a complete lack of formal learning and development opportunities.According to the author, sales coaching and mentoring programs can be especially advantageous for leadership-level staff members because these communications will generally take place on a one-on-one basis, giving new managers the ability to speak candidly and rely on an expert. Mentoring leadership in sales programs can also help minimize the frequency with which managers take part in less-than-desirable activities.For example, Lyons stated that a distinct need for approval, self-limiting beliefs and a lack of comfort whenever money is discussed are three of the main issues that lead sales professionals to underperform. As such, having a mentoring and coaching program in place can help not only identify these issues, but also correct them as soon as possible.Companies that have not yet worked to develop their leadership-level staff members in the sales department should rethink their strategies. With a little more assistance and guidance, many of the most common issues can be resolved quickly, improving the overall performance of sales leaders.