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Carew International Expands Offering to Include Sales Talent Acquisition Services

January 5, 2017

Announces Partnership with ProActivate® Talent Acquisition Firm

Cincinnati, OH- Carew International®, a leading provider of sales training and sales leadership training programs, has announced a strategic partnership with ProActivate® sales talent acquisition firm. Carew CEO Jeff Seeley positioned the partnership as a natural extension of Carew’s mission to drive growth and increased profitability through sales performance improvement. “This partnership expands Carew’s value to and strategic partnership with our clients in a way that is perfectly aligned with our culture and mission,” said Seeley.


Jeff SeeleyCEO Carew International, Inc.Seeley indicated that, for years, clients have asked for Carew’s help with finding and hiring top quality sales professionals. “As much as we wanted to support our customers in any way possible, talent acquisition was not an area of core competence, and we didn’t want Carew offering any product or service unless it was best in its class,” said Seeley. “I had not come across a talent acquisition firm that I was one hundred percent comfortable in recommending to clients or whose service I was confident offering under the Carew name. That changed once we became aware of ProActivate. The company’s innovative process and dedicated focus on sales professionals makes ProActivate a superior resource for sales talent acquisition,” said Seeley, “and one that we can feel confident and proud to offer our clients."Jamie Crosbie, CEO and founder of ProActivate®, explained, “We see this partnership as being in line with providing top-tier sales talent to forward-thinking companies.” Crosbie continued, “Losing even one top sales performer costs a company over a million dollars in lost revenue, downtime, missed opportunities and ramp-up time. Our bedrock philosophy is based on creating real value, protecting the sales funnel and ensuring top sales talent who are primed to perform from day one. Partnering with Carew International makes sense because it allows us to leverage a broader skillset that creates a genuine win-win for our clients.”

Jamie Crosbie

Jamie Crosbie

CEO ProActivate®

About ProActivateProActivate is a leading edge provider of highly qualified, fully vetted sales professionals and sales leaders. Their dynamic approach to sales talent acquisition is not built on the typical cookie cutter conveyor belt line model, or even structured like traditional recruiting companies. Instead, ProActivate employs streamlined, dynamic processes that actively weed out all but the most qualified sales professionals and helps companies hire the best and upgrade the rest, moving their entire teams up a notch to become sales rock stars. ProActivate® is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serves companies globally.About Carew InternationalCarew International is a leader in the professional development industry, providing innovative, high-impact solutions for performance improvement with sales training, sales leadership training, customer service training and negotiations training. For more than 40 years, Carew has delivered unique, comprehensive and renowned development programs to fulfill its mission of creating value, supporting dramatic bottom-line results and acting as a strategic asset to customers worldwide. Carew International is a privately-owned company headquartered in Cincinnati. For more information on Carew development programs, or upcoming sales training events, contact us at 800.227.3977,, or visit us online at