Many believe that experience is the best teacher. Every sales professional was new at one point. If you are starting a new position in sales, you most likely do not yet have a thorough understanding of how to be successful in that particular position. Mentors and mentorship programs can be an invaluable resource to pass on valuable information that took them years to obtain, as well as serve as a trusted friend and ally. In fact, there are countless reasons why mentorship is a rewarding experience whether you are the mentor or the mentee:

  • Sales Is Difficult Emotionally and Mentally. Being in sales is not easy. You constantly need to deal with rejection and, after being rejected, you need to be able to immediately brush it off and pursue the next lead. One way to stay positive and avoid frustration is to have someone to lean on. Whether you are the mentor or the mentee, the advice and moral support you can give/receive in these situations can play a significant role in your career development and satisfaction.
  • Salespeople Need Clear Goals. Many salespeople benefit from having clear goals and objectives. Motivation can be difficult if there is nothing to strive for. Sales mentors and mentees can work together to identify individual performance goals and support each other in achieving these goals.
  • Everyone Starts Out with Little Experience. It is not uncommon for a recent college graduate to get a job in sales ‚Äì it is an appealing job for many reasons. However, a young salesperson does not have the knowledge that his/her older peers have. More experienced sales professionals in the organization can step up to help guide the new sales professional in using the organization's sales process.

If you're a new sales professional, look for a more experienced sales professional in your organization who can help you learn and succeed. If you're an experienced sales professional, try to identify new sales professionals in your organization who could benefit from your experience, and who might provide you with fresh ideas and insights. Not only will you be doing a good deed by helping others, but you will gain an invaluable relationship that will cultivate your own personal development and satisfaction.