'Twas the end of the sales year and finally, at last,

Sales pros were finishing their final webcasts.

The year started off strong, our schedules jam-packed,

But then COVID hit, and we all had to adapt.

Carew training programs took on a whole new design,

As each of our workshops shifted online.

Sales professionals and leaders all took it in stride,

Learning new skills, which they cheerfully applied!

They Explored and they LAERed; they Presented with zeal,

With a new energy and confidence their customers could feel.

No GAP went unanswered, no objection ignored,

Position Progression was the reps' fitting reward.

The sales world looked on with great pleasure and pride,

Hard work still completed, good health and happiness abide.

And the Carew team exclaimed with much joy and delight,

Happy Selling to all, and to all a good night!