It's the happiest season of all! December marks a unique period in the business world. As the holiday season ramps up, the business world winds down, preparing to put another year in the books. We tend to be more focused on our personal lives during the holiday season - taking time off, spending more time with family and friends, attending school concerts or other festive events. In the coming weeks, folks will stick closer to home and travel less for business.

All of these factors make the holiday season the perfect time to reach out to customers - for no other reason than to thank them for their business in 2017 and extend our wishes for a wonderful holiday season. We are better able to personally connect with customers, in part, because they are more accessible, with less travel and fewer meetings and events scheduled at the office. The result is more people answering their phones or accommodating visitors. It may even present a rare opportunity to catch up and chat with an elusive prospect.

Year end is a particularly appropriate time to thank existing customers for their business and support throughout the year. We can cultivate a more personal connection by asking our customers about their plans over the holidays and New Year. Even if our company sends a holiday greeting or gift, we have an opportunity to engage key customers in our own personal way.

Don't forget to take advantage of the reduced business activity for your own benefit as well! Take time out of the office to truly relax, unplug and enjoy yourself. It may feel like an indulgence in the moment, but recharging your batteries in the coming weeks will provide great benefits when you return in January rested, energized and ready to launch a spectacular new sales year!