It's hard to believe the Holidays are upon us and we are wrapping up another year.  This season prompts reflection, and I've come to realize that at the core of my greatest blessings are the many wonderful people who have come in to my life over the years.  Like the joy of the season, the familiarity of these gifts does not make them any less precious - no different than watching a child open presents of the season, or simply watching the amusement provided by the box versus the gift that was inside.

Over the years, customers, colleagues, friends, family and even complete strangers have provided stories that read like the Odyssey by Homer, with great tales of adventure, love, loss and triumph.   Life is all about the personal relationships that we make during our journey; it is what makes our world captivating.

I am grateful for another successful year for Carew International, and mindful that these are still very challenging times for many of our friends, clients and business associates.  Ultimately, we have all been affected by the economy of the last three years.   I know that better days are ahead for all.

I am honored by the new friends and clients that we have as our customers, and more importantly, I am humbled by the faith organizations and people have placed in our company to foster positive change in their own.  I am continually amazed by the collective commitment and talent of our stellar team here at Carew.  As with telling your significant other or children that you love them, you can never say Thank You enough to those who create our success.

On behalf of the entire Carew team, Thank You!  Have a delightful, joyous Holiday season!

Join us for a prosperous New Year.

Happy Holidays!