It's one of life's great frustrations for the sales professional, when we are so close to closing the deal, but we can't seem to get it across the finish line. A stalled deal suggests stagnation of some kind, so infusing something fresh, a new perspective, benefit or assurance -- may be the remedy. Here are three tips for closing the stalled deal:

Reconsider the Benefits and Value Proposed

Carefully examine the features, advantages and benefits you have presented to the customer, looking for additional value that has not yet been considered. For example, you've already shared that your company's delivery schedule is more responsive and will eliminate express shipping fees, but might it also reduce inventory costs to your customer? Have you explored and articulated the impact throughout the client's organization?

Take Away the Risk

Risk equals barriers to a purchase decision; therefore removing risks paves the way for sales success. What can you do to eliminate risk for your customer? Guarantee ROI? Free cancellation? Money-back guarantee? Or does additional benefit exist in your company's customer support capabilities? Many times, such options aren't even new offerings, but simply a matter of articulating your company's existing options to ensure customer satisfaction.

Provide Proof of Success

Another means of eliminating the customer's hesitation is to share specific and documented examples of how you have helped other clients. Case studies, customer recommendations and testimonials are very persuasive and timely at decision time for your customer.
A stalled sales deal indicates that the customer stills lacks confidence to say "yes." The above actions provide additional benefit considerations or risk eliminators that can tip the scale in your favor for a favorable purchase decision.