Few would argue with the networking and business development benefits associated with LinkedIn, but many of us struggle with knowing exactly what we should be doing to get the most out of this business-centric social media tool. In her recent online article for Business Insider, 19 terrible LinkedIn mistakes you're making, Jillian D'Onfro lists the most common LinkedIn user mistakes and provides simple, practical tips for optimal engagement on the site. Her insights are relevant for novice and savvy LinkedIn users alike. Scan the list below. Find a mistake that hits home? See something you don't understand? Read D'Onfro's entire article for details and easy directions to improve your LinkedIn dividends: 

19 Terrible LinkedIn Mistakes You're Making

By Jillian D'Onfro

  1. Your profile is full of typos
  2. You have no picture in your profile
  3. You have a profile picture, but it's a photo of you and your significant other (or worse)
  4. You don't have a background photo or any other visuals either
  5. You haven't put any thought into your profile headline
  6. You're not reaching out to people through LinkedIn Groups
  7. You're not personalizing LinkedIn connection requests
  8. You're "connecting" with people from LinkedIn on your phone
  9. You haven't created a unique LinkedIn URL
  10. You never bothered to fill out a summary
  11. You don't "stalk responsibly" or take advantage of it when someone's checking *you* out
  12. You haven't broken your profile out into sections
  13. You list "skills" that LinkedIn doesn't recognize
  14. You don't have (credible) recommendations
  15. You're not posting photos, posts, or work-centric updates
  16. You're not engaging with your network
  17. You haven't left yourself helpful little reminders or scheduled reconnection nudges
  18. You're not exporting all your contacts
  19. You're not taking advantage of the "Find alumni" option

Read the full article:  19 terrible LinkedIn mistakes you're making