"Motivation" is a critical piece of sales success, and sales professionals and leaders who are seeking sources of motivation and inspiration to fuel our daily sales efforts should look no further than the success-driven energy of our own customers. A recent experience brought this in to clear focus for me.

Carew International recently hosted more than 70 participants at our first "open enrollment" Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) sales training event of the year. These training workshops draw a very diverse crowd - participants from all over North America and across multiple industries. As is typical, the class included participants from companies who have done business with Carew for many years, as well as brand new clients, and even prospects still trying to determine if DPS is the right choice for their sales organization.

This event was my first as a new member of the Carew sales team. I am a former customer of Carew and actually taught DPS sales training for six years as head of training at a client organization. So while I was very familiar with the program content, this was my first opportunity to see the program in action‚ as delivered by Carew and across a diverse group of participants.

In many ways, open enrollment classes provide a snapshot of Carew's footprint as a sales training provider. By the end of the program, the excitement and confidence of program participants was visible, as was their eagerness and anticipation to put these new-found skills to the test in their daily sales lives. This was a watershed moment for me‚ to witness the transformation that is Carew sales training, its immediate impact on participants and its lasting benefit to them and their employers. There is nothing in my onboarding process that inspired or motivated me more than witnessing the excitement of my customers and participating in their success.

It takes a lot of positive energy to keep a sales professional running. Facilitating success and driving value for my customers not only cultivates a bright sales future for me, but it provides a sense of pride and purpose that we all want from our professional life.