It's a universal struggle - finding enough time in your 24-hour day to get it all done! We haven't yet discovered the time-bending trick to literally add more hours to the day, but eliminating time wasters and improving efficiency can have the same effect. These simple practices will stretch your precious hours and improve productivity:

Avoid Email Distraction -Nothing is more distracting than the continual flow of incoming emails. Each notification pop-up or chime brings diversion from the task at hand. Consider changing your email administrative settings to eliminate the real-time notifications. Instead of intercepting emails continually throughout the day, set specific windows of time for reading and responding to emails.

Define & Prioritize - Start your day with thought, not action. Take 5-10 minutes to...1.) Think about what is most important2.) List all the tasks you want/need to get done3.) Identify the 2-4 top priorities for the day

Take a Break - As it turns out, a few minutes spent around the water cooler isn't a bad thing! Research has proven that taking regular breaks throughout your workday helps preserve your energy and improves productivity. Getting away from your desk is even better! The most productive break activity? Walking!

Think Sprint vs. Marathon - These regular breaks throughout the day also facilitate short, more productive, focused work sessions. Set a specific goal for each work period for maximum efficiency.

Because a more productive work day reduces stress, these simple practices may add years to your life as well as hours to your day.