2020 is a year like no other. As we enter the holiday season, where giving thanks is in the air, it is an opportune time for you to pause, dedicate the time, and thank your customers for sticking with you this year. Begin thinking about what your relationships with your customers have meant to you and how they have impacted you personally.

The success you have with your customers helps support you and your family, your livelihood, and your personal and professional wellbeing. Thank your customers for their time; thank them for sharing their stories, personal and professional; thank them for sharing their concerns and challenges; and thank them for sharing their individual, departmental and organizational goals. Express appreciation to your clients for the opportunity to partner together and thank them for the trust and confidence they have in you, allowing you to help them solve problems, fulfill their business needs, and be a part of their success. The bottom line is this: expressing authentic gratitude to your customers should never be overlooked.

Here are 6 ways to show customer appreciation:

  • Handwritten Note: Receiving a handwritten note is always impactful and memorable. In a communication era driven by emails and text messages, a handwritten note holds special meaning. In Carew sales training programs, we teach the concept of Buyer Orientations as a method for understanding our customers. These customer personalities help us shape the direction and flow of our sales interactions based on the type of customer we are working with. When you are writing a thank you note to a customer, consider the type of personality they have. Would they appreciate a lengthy message on lined paper or a short and sweet note on a decorative card? Overall, a handwritten note, highlighting specific thoughts of gratitude, will be well-received by all Buyer Orientations. You may even see your note framed on your customer's wall on a video call!
  • Snack Run: Send a basket of snacks, coffee, or lunch to your customers using a delivery service (because in-person visits are unfortunately not possible in this time of social distancing) for no other reason but to say thank you.
  • Social Media: Recognize a customer with a recommendation on LinkedIn, or like and share someone's post with your network.
  • Introductions: Introduce contacts at your accounts to others, where appropriate, to expand networks.
  • Support: Provide support for a cause that is important to your customer, such as volunteering at an event or making a small donation. Find a way to make a difference in honor of your customer.
  • Phone Call: The beauty is in simplicity with this one. A call just to say thank you and express gratitude. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

In a turbulent year, consider the impact you can make when you express sincere gratitude to your customers.  Showing appreciation for them, the individuals with whom you dedicate your days and who help you be successful, will strengthen and grow your relationships in an authentic way, solidify partnerships, and broaden opportunities moving forward.