Elevating Customer Relationships: The Power of the JADIK Matrix
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At Carew, we passionately embrace and apply the skills, strategies, methodologies, and principles we teach in our flagship sales training program, Dimensions of Professional Selling® (DPS), to our operations. This ensures that our training is not only theoretically sound and proven but also effective in real-world scenarios.

For those familiar with our DPS program, we teach a model called the JADIK Matrix. This transformative model has continually proven its worth in crafting robust customer relationships and driving sales effectiveness.


Understanding the JADIK Matrix

The JADIK Matrix is a visual representation of the customer relationship journey that helps sales professionals understand and master the art of balancing relationship-building with strategic business outcomes.

This matrix, with its four quadrants – Common Ground, Blind Spot, Unrevealed, and Future Potential – serves as a compass for understanding how specific activities and approaches can enhance customer relationships and business growth.

Each quadrant of the JADIK Matrix plays a vital role:

Common Ground: The foundation of any relationship, where shared knowledge and understanding are established. In the initial stages of the relationship, the Common Ground may consist of only obvious, general information, such as the customer’s limited knowledge of the sales professional’s company and capabilities or the sales professional’s basic knowledge of the customer’s company and potential needs. This is information that is mutually held and known by both parties. As Common Ground grows, so does the quality of your relationship.

Blind Spot: These are areas unknown to the salesperson but critical to the customer, which, when uncovered, can reveal significant opportunities. The Blind Spot prevents salespeople from providing relevant and valuable solutions. Effective use of Carew’s Exploratory Process is the best way for sales professionals to minimize this quadrant.

Unrevealed: This consists of information known to the sales professional but not to the customer, including information about products and services and their qualifications to meet the customer’s needs. Sales professionals must utilize a high-impact and engaging Presentation Process to share solution features, advantages, and benefits, thus minimizing Unrevealed information.

Future Potential: This represents the future of the customer relationship; it grows in conjunction with Common Ground and at the expense of the Blind Spot and Unrevealed. Growth in the Future Potential quadrant reflects growth and strengthening of the customer relationship.


The Importance of Quality Business Relationships

The value of solid business relationships cannot be overstated, as they are the lifeblood of successful sales. The more adept sales professionals are at engaging with customers, uncovering their needs, and presenting tailored solutions that close the Gap, the more likely they are to foster loyalty and drive revenue growth.

Consider the attributes of exceptional business relationships – trust, mutual benefit, understanding. These are not just ideals; they are tangible targets that can be achieved by applying the JADIK Matrix principles strategically.


Applying the JADIK Matrix to Sales Strategy

The JADIK Matrix is designed to empower sales professionals in several key areas:

  • Assessing Sales Style: Understanding personal sales style and how it aligns with customer expectations.
  • Balancing Communication: Achieving the right mix of listening and presenting to foster a two-way dialogue.
  • Optimizing Sales Approach: Tailoring strategies to meet specific customer needs and scenarios.
  • Accelerating Relationship Development: Moving swiftly and effectively to deepen customer engagement.


The Dynamic Nature of the JADIK Matrix

The beauty of the JADIK Matrix lies in its fluidity – it adapts as relationships evolve. Sales professionals can actively influence this evolution by skillfully employing the Exploratory and Presentation Processes in a balanced manner. This dynamic approach ensures that relationships do not stagnate but continue to grow in depth and value.


Practical Applications and Reflections

To truly harness the power of the JADIK Matrix, sales professionals should regularly reflect on their practices:

  • How are you leveraging research and social media to expand the Common Ground before meeting a new customer?
  • Are your questions insightful and GAP-finding, and are your solutions well-presented and compelling?
  • Can you see tangible growth in your Common Ground and a reduction in Blind Spots and Unrevealed areas after interactions?

By continually engaging with the JADIK Matrix, sales professionals can ensure their customer relationships are maintained, nurtured, and developed.


Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to build your training plan? Our team is here to help!

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