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Why It’s Important to Pick Up the Phone in Sales

March 21, 2013  |  Posted by in Communication Skills

Communication is key in the business world, and while face-to-face conversation solidifies customer relationships, remote sales calls don’t always allow for that. Professionals who partake in sales training develop strong communication skills and learn how to lead prospects to the best possible options. But successful deals can’t happen if representatives don’t pick up their phones. Inc. magazine points out that texting, emailing, instant messaging and other forms of digital communication are quickly becoming the norm in personal lives as well as the professional world. Inside sales thrive on communication, and this may require sales professionals to actually pick up their mobile devices and converse with clients over the phone.

Business etiquette has become a confusing aspect of the professional culture. Written communication surely holds weight in its own sense, but the telephone will always have an advantage over email or text. Proper etiquette improves relationships, and a higher company standard for communication leads to a strong and positive brand image. The better a sales representative is able to discuss important matters with prospects, the better chance he or she has of turning that prospect into a purchasing customer. Plus, manners and a sense of reliability indicate to clients that your company is worth doing business with in the future.

In addition, the success of inside sales relies on the connection between a representative and a customer, and having a telephone conversation can improve the relationship. Here are a few more reasons why:

1. Immediate Discussion
As Inc. points out, there are multiple benefits to email, but sometimes people need a response right away. If someone is trying to get a hold of another via phone, it is usually an urgent matter, and it can do salespeople a lot of good to answer and discuss the matter so the other person can move on with his or her work day.

2. Getting People on the Same Page
There is no better way to involve a large group of people in a business deal than getting them on a conference call and figuring out a solution right then and there. While meeting in person is also an option for bigger groups, a phone call may actually be more efficient in the long run.

3. Correct Perception
The Houston Chronicle points out that perception is important when talking to prospects and customers. Email doesn’t always offer the most concrete tone and can oftentimes send the wrong message. Sometimes a personal touch is needed to move the business relationship forward, and a genuine, meaningful phone call can do just that.

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