Why Cultivate a Top-Quality Inside Sales Team?

August 8, 2013  |  Posted by in Sales Training

For B2B companies, outside sales teams have long been regarded as an important part of business processes. While this is certainly still true, enterprises are now focusing more on strengthening their inside sales departments to meet emerging challenges facing decision-makers, employees and more. For some organizations, one of the biggest questions may be why they should invest in training an excellent inside sales force and how doing so can give their firms an essential boost.

Making the most of technology
According to Heinz Marketing, recent advancements in web and video conferencing technology have provided business leaders with ample incentives for improving their inside sales teams. Previously, low-quality IT solutions may have prevented decision-makers from relying on inside sales, but now, these professionals can remotely engage in interactive and informative presentations with clients. By leveraging higher caliber video conferencing tools, businesses can save money on travel expenses. The source asserted that since it’s now possible to communicate in a more life-like fashion over the Internet, online meetings are often equally as effective as in-person talks.

Creating happier employees
When staff members feel good about their work and are receiving valuable benefits, they perform at higher levels. The source pointed out that one of the important advantages of focusing more heavily on inside sales is that workers can enjoy a more satisfying work-life balance, as they’ll be spending less time on business trips and other time-consuming tasks that come with outside sales positions. With the help of emerging technologies, inside sales representatives may even be able to work from home at least some of the time.

Satisfying customers
Perhaps most importantly, a great inside sales team can keep customers more content than ever before. The Harvard Business Review emphasized that having an effective inside sales force can give clients increased access to the services they require whenever they need them, whether that means fixing an error or re-ordering a product. Instead of needing to arrange for a face-to-face meeting to resolve more complicated issues, B2B customers can speak with inside sales representatives over video conferencing programs.

Additionally, the source pointed out that for many B2B buyers, using online methods of working with vendors is becoming much more comfortable. In fact, for some sales processes, remote collaboration is even evolving into a preferred option.

Enterprise leaders must consider, however, that simply implementing an inside sales team is not enough to guarantee success. Employees need to receive the right inside sales training to ensure they will be ready to meet customer needs from afar. By choosing programs that prioritize communication skills, these professionals will be well-prepared to leverage new technology to their advantage and meet their sales goals.

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