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What Do You See?


opt illus 1

At first glance, did the image above look like the front view of a woman’s face or the profile of a man playing a horn instrument? Can you now see both images?

We’ve all experienced interpretive images like the one above, but the exercise demonstrates the power of our individual perception of the world. Our view of the world, or “Odds Are” impacts everything we see and hear, including communications with customers and prospects. Understanding this normal human tendancy is half the battle in making sure our communication and exploratory processes are not compromised by our personal filters. DPS program graduates will remember how dramatically this concept played out in the Romance at Sea exercise.

We can all probably think back over past customer interactions and recognize situations in which our own “Odds Are” compromised the outcome. Water under the bridge? Not necessarily. Recognizing errors in hindsight is extremely beneficial if we use that insight to improve our communications moving forward. The sales professional who opens his/her mind to see all perspectives will win the day!

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