Value Selling Drives Personal Satisfaction & Sales Success

March 12, 2019  |  Posted by in Diagnosing Customer Needs, Exploratory Process, Relationship Building, Sales Differentiation, Value Selling

It’s simple. Our goal in sales is to close deals. Closing is how we make our living and often how we measure our success. Yet, even after closing a sale, it is possible to feel underwhelmed or lacking the celebratory lift typically associated with a new sale. Maybe we weren’t able to provide the best solution to the customer or feel we failed to advance the client relationship. Feeling empty after closing a sale is a symptom that we didn’t build a foundation that will lead to more opportunities with that customer in the future.

Play the Long Game

There is a difference between closing a one-time sale and closing a sale well positioned for more business in the future. And that difference is value selling! When sales professionals are doing whatever it takes to close the one opportunity at hand, they are engaging in transactional selling. They are reacting out of their own operating reality and are likely pushing their product’s features on the customer without really inquiring about the customer’s needs. With this focus, it’s no wonder the sales professional closes the sale feeling like they missed out on something greater – because they probably did!

Focus on Relationships.. not Transactions!

Sales professionals who enter a customer meeting with the desire to learn about that customer’s world and pain points are engaging in value-based selling. They are involving their customer in discussion and are exploring to understand the root cause of their customer’s problem before offering a solution. By following an exploratory process and staying out of their own operating reality, they are building rapport with a customer that will lead to an authentic, long-term business relationship and future opportunities at that account!

A value selling approach will leave your customers feeling “heard” and a part of your solution, and leave you feeling fulfilled and excited for the future at the customer account!

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