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Carew International’s training curriculum is designed to go well beyond the transfer of information, developing functional and interpersonal skills that drive authentic behavior change and lasting performance improvement. Reinforcement is critical to sustain the performance and financial gains that are a direct result of your training initiative. For this reason, Carew International places the highest priority on providing a comprehensive reinforcement system to support our classroom development programs.


Sure-Track Customized Training Reinforcement System

Reinforcement is critical to sustain the performance and financial gains of your training initiative. For this reason, Carew International has developed an in-depth, prescriptive and flexible Sure-Track Reinforcement System for use by sales managers with their teams. This 12-part system was created for optimal reinforcement impact, and with full consideration of the time-strapped manager. It is a prescriptive, modular system featuring turn-key activities and materials, delivered with maximum flexibility and minimal prep time for leaders. Carew International will work with your organization to understand manager “touch-points” with sales professionals and develop a customized calendar of reinforcement activities to fit your sales organization’s existing process and schedule.

The 12-part system serves as a roadmap for reinforcement that is easy to follow and execute.  Typically, one key concept is reinforced on a monthly basis resulting in a module-of-the-month approach. For each concept/module, managers have access to a variety of activities and materials for their reinforcement delivery. Just as training is designed to equip sales team members for improved sales performance, Carew’s 12-part Reinforcement System is designed to equip sales managers for success in leading skill reinforcement among their teams.


Carew OnDemand™ eLearning

Carew OnDemand™ offers Carew International’s incomparable training content in a dynamic and interactive on-line format for skill development and reinforcement where and when it is needed. In developing Carew OnDemand™, we took great care to emulate the comprehensive and results-oriented curriculum, business relevance, and interactive aspects that are hallmarks of our classroom training.

Carew OnDemand™ begins with a robust content and concept review, including concept and skill observation in a “right way vs. wrong way” format. Role-plays are incorporated to support both skill observation and knowledge as a means to support critical learning over simple information retention. Business-relevant sales simulations are used to test and support comprehensive knowledge and skill application, like the real-life sales situations and challenges completed by participants in Carew’s classroom development. This increased level of engagement supports a greater level of interest and value for the participant as well as the impact on his/her skill development. Each program in our Carew OnDemand™ program includes:

Robust Content

  • Detailed Content Review
  • Right Way – Wrong Way Skill Observation
  • Skill Mastery Exercises
  • Intermediate Knowledge Test with immediate feedback
  • Cumulative Knowledge Test via Business-Relevant Sales Simulations

State-of-the-Art Design

  • SCORM Compliant Scoring and Tracking
  • Hosted via Carew’s LMS partnership, using high-integrity and rapidly deployable cloud technology, or portable directly to an internal LMS
  • Cloud technology provides maximum flexibility and a high degree of client “ownership”
  • Compatible with all mobile devices and Apple iOS technologies
  • Multiple-tier personalization and customization available


Program Refresh with Webinar Support

Carew OnDemand as described above, plus…

Webinar Support – includes four live webinars, led by one of Carew’s professional facilitators, to provide a personal and interactive review of key concepts. Each webinar is customized to the specifications of the client organization, and can include targeted content review, role-play with coaching and feedback, case studies and Q&A segments.


Program Refresh with Webinars and Carew Coach

DPS OnDemand™ and Webinar Support as described above, plus…

Carew Coach™ – your organization will have access to your own professional sales consultant for one year to get advice, insight and feedback on sales practices and challenges. Carew Coach provides the highest degree of personalized sales training support by providing your own Carew resource for situational coaching and development, presentation preparation, individual development, and any additional insight your team needs to reach their next level of development.


DPS in ReviewTraining Program

DPS in Review™ is an interactive, energetic program designed to enhance your organization’s success in leveraging the skills and concepts introduced in the Dimensions of Professional Selling® workshop. This one-day workshop combines instructor-led and participant-led activities to reactivate the interpersonal and functional skills learned in DPS.  The learning experience includes high-impact lecturettes, individual and group exercises, and discussions tailored to address the areas of DPS that have the highest opportunity for improvement. DPS in Review was specifically designed to reintroduce and refresh DPS skills and behaviors for renewed commitment and performance improvement.


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