Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment™ (ITBC) provides a system for building productive, supportive relationships with direct reports and colleagues using effective, influential communications. Businesses and organizations can invigorate their culture, and bottom line, with Carew’s Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment (ITBC) program.

ITBC starts with an introduction to the “internal customer” concept and its importance to every member of the organization. The highly engaging activities of this workshop are designed to make each participant feel proud to be part of their organization and committed to producing results. Team members will become more creative and innovative, freely sharing information and leveraging one another’s expertise productively.

Carew International’s proven ITBC strategies result in:

  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction among employees.
  • Alignment and creating ways to work around common goals.
  • Recognizing and embracing the values and unique needs as well as motivations of peers.
  • Developing strong bonds through collaboration.
  • Reducing barriers and disagreements between colleagues.
  • Team members making decisions and innovative ideas that they feel are beneficial to the company.

Carew International believes that if team members cultivate strong relationships with each other, they will be more mentally robust, more engaged and more committed to the company.

Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment (ITBC) is an employee development program designed to improve the communication skills and strategic focus necessary for building productive relationships within your organization.

The highly participatory workshop includes a variety of interactive activities including seminars, group discussions, role-plays, and team exercises. ITBC not only addresses the well-being and satisfaction of your team members, but also ensures the long-term growth, stability and positive transformation of the organization.

Program Overview

Why Should You Inspire Trust and Build Commitment in Your Organization?

Solid, successful organizations are forged on relationships—especially internal ones. Often times, companies focus solely on the effectiveness of their sales and communications efforts to external customers, and don’t realize the cost and loss of productivity that result from a dysfunctional culture within the organization. At the very heart of these internal relationships are trust and commitment. If the members of the organization foster fair treatment of one another and demonstrate effective communication of their thoughts without fear of being ostracized or oppressed, then the organization can enjoy the following:

  • Increased morale resulting in improved productivity.
  • A team and organization that works more effectively together, rather than siloed as individuals.
  • Less time resolving conflicts.
  • More empowered staff resulting in increased work efficiency.

When words and actions among colleagues are disconnected, they are less likely to be involved and remain committed to the company, teamwork suffers and collaboration across teams becomes challenging. However, when trust is present, confidence abounds, and the organization thrives. Carew’s Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment training program can help you establish such a culture on your team.

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