Excellence in Customer Service™ (ECS) is a results-oriented customer service training program that gives your customer service teams the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers. Equipped with Carew’s ECS strategies and methodologies, your customer service professionals will increase their sales, grow margins, build strong customer relationships, and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service excellence in every customer contact.

ECS is a completely sales-integrated customer service training program that can be delivered as a component of other training or as a stand-alone program. Excellence in Customer Service blends the power of experiential learning with visual models to ensure that participants immediately apply what they learn. Each ECS workshop is customized to address your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

Customer service excellence is an integral component of business growth. Organizations must commit to a high-quality service culture and recognize the customer service team’s responsibility in maintaining and improving position in sales efforts. The strong relationship between a business’ customer service team and the business’ success has long been established. Improving this essential skill not only builds customer satisfaction, but also helps to retain loyal customers and expand the level of repeat clients.

Why Excellence in Customer Service™?

In today’s world, all organizations need to be more customer-focused and value-focused than ever. On this front, Excellence in Customer Service can become your competitive differentiator. Carew’s ECS program allows businesses to attract new customers in an extremely competitive environment, while simultaneously increasing long-term customer loyalty, and promoting cost-savings for the business.

What outcomes can you expect from Excellence in Customer Service?

  • A customer service team that accurately reflects your organization’s vision, mission and goals.
  • A customer service team that is better equipped to identify customers’ true problems and relate to the customer on a level that builds trust.
  • Customer service front lines that offer better insights and feedback about customer experiences which become valuable for analyzing business trends and growth.
  • Sustained customer service excellence that gives your businesses a competitive advantage.
  • Customers who are willing to pay extra because they appreciate the level and quality of customer service they receive.

Having a customer service team that understands your customers and their problems and knows how to relate to customers in a way that builds trust will ultimately help your organization increase sales and establish a culture of service excellence.

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