Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences


Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences (CDCE) helps your employees drive more sales and results in customer retention – for you and your customers. Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences will result in:

  • Better profits as a result of better service
  •  Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased attainment of new customers
  • More informed and successful front line service people
  • Service tactics that maximize the quality of customer experiences

Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences offers the “best of both worlds” in customer service training – addressing both internal and external customer relationships. In this high energy, engaging workshop, participants will learn customer interfacing skills to increase sales, convert prospects into customers and build customer loyalty. Equal attention is given to the importance of your organization’s internal team and developing the key skills to improve communication, cooperation, and overall effectiveness.

CDCE maximizes Carew’s proven methodologies and communication skills for a seamless approach to effective customer relations, and a strategic advantage for your organization. Ideal for any member of your organization, each CDCE program is customized to address your company’s specific culture, needs and challenges.


Creating Service Excellence

  • Discover why customers become unhappy and how to view your company from the customer’s perspective.
  • Capitalize on positive customer experiences.
  • Identify differences between orders, advances, and the continuation of sales.

The Service Triangle

  • Increase sales and profits by using the service triangle.
  • Expand productive efforts and teamwork by taking care of internal customers.
  • Learn the difference between a “peddler” and a professional sales person.

The Importance of Getting and Retaining Customers

  • Learn how to retain customers for life.
  • Boost bottom line profits from 25% – 85% with CDCE.
  • Become a valued part of your customer’s team.

Mapping the Customer’s Sales “Moments of Truth”

  • Learn how to map the internal “moments of truth.”
  • Increase sales and profits by understanding sales “moments of truth” and internal “moments of truth.”
  • Meet and exceed customer requirements.

Preventing Objections vs. Overcoming Objections

  • Discover how to effectively prevent most customer objections.
  • Learn to reveal and demonstrate empathy.
  • The probable effects of overcoming objections vs. preventing objections.

Obtaining Commitment vs. the “Hammer in Search of a Nail” Approach to Internal Problem Solving

  • Learn how to use Features, Advantages, and Benefits to influence positive action.
  • Realize how to obtain commitment and set go-forward objectives.

Developing a Personal Service Strategy

  • Incorporate you own customer’s “moments of truth” with your organization’s internal “moments of truth”
    using your delivery system to create a distinctive customer experience.

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