Carew International’s Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences™ (CDCE) program helps your team drive more sales and results in customer retention – for both you and your customers. Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences offers the “best of both worlds” in customer service training – addressing both internal and external customer relationships.

In this high-energy, engaging workshop, participants will learn customer interfacing skills to increase sales, convert prospects into customers and build customer loyalty. In CDCE, you will also learn an approach to internal problem solving, including ways to influence positive action inside your organization.

The objectives of Carew International’s CDCE program is to:

  • Increase business profits as a result of excellent customer service
  • Expand and maintain customer loyalty
  • Gain more customers through effective lead conversion
  • Boost front line customer service skills
  • Step-up on strategies designed to optimize the quality of customer experiences

Why CDCE? Because in Customer Service, Customer Loyalty and Building Relationships Are Most Important

The importance of customer loyalty in the success of a business cannot be understated. We’re all familiar with the statistic that acquiring a new customer can cost a company five times more than retaining an existing customer. If this is true, then customer loyalty has a direct effect on your company’s bottom-line—the longer your customers stick around, the less money your company will have to expend. So how do you create a loyal customer base? Research says that 93% of customers are more likely to repeat a purchase with a company who has excellent customer service. So, the answer for creating a loyal customer base is to demonstrate excellence on your customer service teams!

This is not to say that prospecting for new business should be ignored. Generating new customers is still necessary if your business is to grow! What this means, rather, is that you must not sacrifice the relationships you have with your existing customers to the pursuit of finding new business. Keeping your existing customers happy should always be your focus, even when you are prospecting for new business. If you neglect the relationships you have with existing customers, you increase the likelihood that your customer will leave you for your competitor, or even burn your business with negative feedback.

An additional consideration when it comes to building relationships is the idea of an internal customer. Yes, customer service teams frequently work with external customers—customers that your company does business with—but what about co-workers? Customer service representatives work with others in their same role, and with professionals in other departments within their organization. In a sense, these are internal customers. In order for your customer service team to demonstrate customer service excellence that grows your business, they must learn how to build relationships with both external and internal customers!

Customer Service Teams Should Build Meaningful Relationships with Both Internal and External Customers

If it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to retain existing customers, then it’s imperative that customer service teams have the skills necessary to keep customers around for the long-term. Customer service teams must demonstrate proper relationship nurturing skills and add value to each and every customer interaction. True value can only be created when you understand not only what the customer needs, but why they need it.

Carew’s CDCE customer service training program maximizes Carew’s proven methodologies and communication skills for a seamless approach to effective customer relations, and a strategic advantage for your organization. Ideal for any member of your organization, each CDCE program is customized to address your company’s specific culture, needs and challenges.

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