Is your organization’s commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction reflected in each and every member of your team? In each and every customer contact? Help your entire team deliver legendary service, maximize customer retention and sustain the momentum of success with Carew International’s training for customer service.

Carew International recognizes the power of a focused, energized and synergized customer service organization with a complete offering of customer service training programs. Excellence in Customer Service, our most popular customer service workshop, arms your team with superior sales skills, communication techniques and a deeper understanding of the impact and importance of customer service. Your entire team will be engaged to help your company reach its full potential after participating in Carew’s customer service training.

Carew International offers results-oriented programs that give your customer service teams the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers. By equipping your team with the strategies and methodologies acquired through training for customer service, your entire team will increase their sales, grow margins, build strong customer relationships, and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service excellence in every customer contact.

We also offer programs to develop skills for internal customer service. Carew’s Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment (ITBC) presents a system for communicating and influencing to build productive relationships with internal customers.

Any one of our customer service training options is completely sales-integrated and can be delivered as a component of other training or as a stand-alone program. Combining the power of experiential learning and visual models, our customer service training programs ensure that participants will immediately apply what they learn. Each workshop is customized to address your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

Excellence in Customer Service (ECS) gives your customer service team the skills and confidence to increase sales, build strong customer relationships and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service excellence in every customer contact.

Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment starts with an introduction of the “internal customer” concept and its importance to every member of the organization. This highly participatory workshop includes a variety of engaging activities, including lectures, group discussions, recorded role-plays and team exercises. Each customer service training program is customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

Creating Distinctive Customer Experiences offers the “best of both worlds” in training for customer service – addressing both internal and external customer relationships. In this high energy, engaging workshop, participants will learn customer interfacing skills to increase sales, convert prospects into customers and build customer loyalty. Equal attention is given to the importance of your organization’s internal team and developing the key skills to improve communication, cooperation, and overall effectiveness.