Tips to Avoid a Traumatic Sales Slump

November 1, 2018  |  Posted by in Sales Motivation, Sales Planning

Across the nation, parents and teachers are dealing with the sugar-fueled, sleep deprived aftermath of Halloween! It is to be expected; after all, for every action, there is a reaction. Excessive candy plus delayed bedtime equals lethargic, burned-out kiddos. Sales professionals can experience a similar phenomenon after big events, like a big sales presentation or RFP preparation. These are always high priority and high potential endeavors that demand a lot of our time and emotional investment. Win or lose (but especially when we lose), in the aftermath, we can be left feeling wiped out, dejected and lacking motivation. How can we avoid these post-event sales slumps?

  1. The first step in preventing any negative occurrence is to be aware of its potential existence. When big sales events develop, start planning for how you will keep your other sales efforts moving forward. Schedule small pockets of time, in 15-minute increments, to make key phone calls or send emails.
  2. Rank the other high-potential opportunities in your funnel. This will help you keep perspective and make you less likely to neglect other sales efforts.
  3. Develop ahead of time your priority to-do list for the day after the big event. When we are singularly focused on a big initiative, it can be difficult to refocus on our normal sales activities. Having a prioritized list ready to go will expedite that process.
  4. Plan a post-event debrief. Get a team together – people who participated in the presentation/RFP and some who did not – to examine what went well and where the opportunities for improvement exist. This process may sound painful, but the insight is empowering and leaves us feeling better prepared for the next big opportunity. In addition, the sharing of experiences and ideas in a group setting can provide much-needed perspective (others have failed) and moral support.

Life in professional sales is a series of peaks and valleys – both logistically and emotionally, and both can severely impact our productivity. Pre-planning and the right perspective will help minimize your post-event sales slump.

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